Move + Minimize

What’s in a move? Boxes. Tape. More boxes. More tape.

How is it, that when you spend years preaching to hold onto only the possessions that you love and that evoke an emotion or memory…does one end up with so much stuff???? (maybe the boxes were too small and piled up too fast!?) Let’s face it. We all have to own the usual detail items of life…office supplies, dishes, dog toys, kid toys…they all fill boxes fast…but let’s admit. Moving provides ONE great benefit…the necessary process of picking up every single item that you own and making a decision…do I keep this?…do I throw this away?…do I really need this?…does this really mean something to me?

  1. reduce (something, especially something unwanted or unpleasant) to the smallest possible amount or degree.
    *represent or estimate at less than the true value or importance

How empowering! To purge! That is the best part of moving. Taking a strong look at your interior sanction. Making sure that every item, every detail speaks to you. A memory from travels, a gift from your child. LOVE everything you own. Build a nest that represents you. Who you are. Where you have been. This is your life! Make it a legacy…now, back to unpacking! Long live the movers!