In the Name of Change + Transition


I can remember seasons feeling like eternities when I was a kid…summers at the pool and beach felt like long years where so much growth and change would occur. I’d leave school liking only chocolate milk and writing in wide lined notepads to coming back tanned and worldly…drinking lemonade and using only college ruled notepads.

Change…to make or become different. Transition…the process or period of changing from one condition or state to another. So then one would make a decision to change, or maybe change would just happen, and then a transition follows to allow acceptance and growth. How does this apply to interiors you ask? In all actuality…this applies to every facet of ┬álife.

Lets consider the opportunity and ability to take in your current interior surroundings or even your exterior shell. What if you were to decide to make a change with an end goal of a more suitable peaceful place or a modernized exterior layer. Like time lapsed photography, could you envision the implementation of change…the transition of adaptation…which is followed by growth and acceptance…to a completion of an improved interior or exterior environment?

Simply put, change embodies growth and improvement, even if the change is unwanted or difficult. Change occurs in nature every second of the day. I reminisce of biology class. The stages of a butterfly. What a magnificent change and transition! From one state to another. The beauty and order of this natural phenomenon makes you realize that change is inevitable, unstoppable and essential.


Hmmmm…sitting here I just decided I’m going to make changes today. I’m going to add a little extra cream to my coffee (doing this now…need more java!), I’m going to reorganize some drawers, I’m going to walk my dog a little further, I’m going to smile to everyone that comes into my life today and I’m going to work harder next week…let’s see how the transition goes!