High Rise Living + Fire

(Sirens!) They have arrived!!

Our long awaited mid-century finds from San Francisco have graced their presence at last and are resting peacefully on our ocean front balcony.


Even though the chairs are magnificent…there’s just something else lacking… yes, that sort of lackluster feel of high rise living. Oh…high rise living…owning a wheely cart to transport various items from your vehicle to your loft in the sky, being five minutes late perpetually because you forgot your sunglasses and had to ride back up the elevator and back down twice, bundling up to walk the dogs at 6:00 AM versus just opening a door, having to actually get dressed to take the garbage down the hall to the trash chute, not being able to chew on a fabulous char grilled filet mignon steak cooked over burning hot coals and sadly not getting to sit down in these ultra cool old-school modern mid-century chairs at night while enjoying a blazing romantic fire from a fire pit. Of course…nothing beats this view, high rise and all!

photo 3

Not to fret you high rise dwellers across the land! There are options to explore…you can take off that extra pair of socks and warm those toes by the fire!

So the quest began…for modern fire!

Not only did we want fire, we wanted something that was pleasing to look at all day long…not just lit at night. Right out of the gate, I found the coolest (and I mean coolest) condo-friendly fire…this was too easy! I was all ready to order and put it to use right away! Its the Globe by Vauni of Sweden…perfectly hip, modern, cool and functional.vauni_globe_x2

Credit card in hand, I was ready to add this beauty to my cart! But sadly, my quest for fire had to continue…Vauni doesn’t ship to the States yet (bummer!!!).

I found a great option on the Thos. Baker site. Clean, clear glass, small and portable and also a bioethanol fuel burner.

ECO_Cyl_WB_SWhat a great option to outdoor condo living! Except maybe with two dog noses and a set of little hands…hot glass…hmmm…keep looking.

I found some incredibly great options on allmodern.com…like the Stix Fire Column (how cool!)…


But found very little info about the product. I decided my quest for fire may have to go on the back burner. For now I think we will just enjoy our new chairs and the ocean view…after all…I guess I should check with the condo association…open flames, ten story building…they might just not approve…ya, didn’t think about that!