Fifty Shades of…White

Color-Meaning-WhiteYes, I love white. All kinds of white…gray white, yellow white, blue white, white white and so on…all fifty shades! Well, actually, there are endless shades of white. And it is my favorite color to paint on walls and ceilings…white, white and more white! I might scare clients a bit, because I almost always suggest white in an interior. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with color…blue bathrooms (well, maybe), red dining rooms (ummm…sometimes) and maybe even the yellow living room (nooo!). I do like color…in the right places. But I tend to view walls (and ceilings) as blank canvases to juxtapose everything else in the room…stunning furniture, eclectic accessories and brilliant artwork.

But have no fear clients and people of the world…there are lots and lots of whites to choose from…so choose wisely! Just browse Benjamin Moore’s paint colors for example…White Dove, Dune White, White Ice, White Wisp, Candle White, ¬†Snow White, Parish White, Capitol White, Moonlight White, Snowfall White, Simply White, White Diamond, Decorators White (my fav!!!) and so on and so on!!!

So I typed in the question “how many shades of white are there” into my Google machine and here came my answer...There is only one true shade of white in existence. It is so bright that it is almost invisible to our eyes. However, just as many shades of slight imperfect whites exist as shades of any other color.¬†There you have it! But the question is, how do you pick the right shade of white for your space? Stark white can be very displeasing to the eye if you do not have strong elemental distractions…like colorful artwork or large scale furniture. In reality, soft toned whites are more pleasing in the home environment.

The answer is simple. Is your floor beige in color? Pick a white that has a tint of brown. Is your furniture gray in color? Pick a white that has a tint of gray. Do you want that sunny, bright feeling in your kitchen? Pick a white that has a tint of yellow. But be careful…mixing whites often does not work and needs to always be considered. White linen curtains could look dull next to a bright white wall. After all, there are peachy whites, blueish whites, rosy whites and creamy whites and oftentimes these types of whites tend to pick up the colors that surround them.

Always consider the space you are planning and the mood you want to create. Treat whites just as you would color. Tranquility means a blue white. Cheerful is a yellow white. Inviting is a warm white and skin flattery are your peach whites.

And did you know…The appearance of white in a dream is thought to represent happiness at home. White castles are a symbol of achievement, destiny perfectly fulfilled, and spiritual perfection.

Long live WHITE!