m&kMolly Cones Interiors & KMH Design (and studio mascot, NIKKO)

With combined over 40 years of design experience, Molly Cones (the “M” and the “C”) of ¬†MCI and Kathleen, (the “K, M and H”) of KMH have partnered to bring a refreshing experience to clients. Molly brings an organic modern design while Kathleen articulates the classic world of minimal modernism. Working in tandem on every project, clients receive extra personalized care, what they like to call “two designers for the price of one.” The design team prefers to think outside of the box, as creative collaborative brainstorming and sourcing of new inspiration and material results in timeless, well planned designs.

Molly and Kathleen have had the opportunity to work with clients together both locally and internationally.

Their next collaboration coming soon is a custom designed upholstery furniture collection that encompasses years of collective custom designs for clients and studies in ergonomics.

“We believe in simplicity over complexity.”

-Molly & Kathleen

Enjoy exploring the KMH partner site to see more work by Kathleen.