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MC Collection + Animal Instinct

Roll out the red carpet people! The MC Collection has debuted and hit the catwalk with a splash!

Molly’s organics…that’s the way I like to think about them. It has been a long time coming. It all started years ago when I had a retail design studio and my love of science, nature and all things animal found it’s way in to the scene. I would buy skulls and horns (okay, maybe a little weird you might think)…so envious of their innate and simple beauty. A perfect compliment to an interior space. It was an easy task to have simple black stands made for them and that’s where the idea stayed…until a few months ago. An inspiration of whale ribs splashed in to my path…whale ribs on a simple black stand.

What if I were to create a collection, I thought. What if I stepped it up several notches, I thought. What if I enlisted the help of another artist in the form of a craftsman, I thought. What if I enhanced the beautiful detail of the organics, I thought. What if?

In the name of animal instinct…prototypes were birthed in the form of hand forged steel, copper rivets and copper wire with the raw organic as the heart. Let this post document the hands on…as in my Manifesto…I believe in fulfilling my animal instincts.

Molly Cones Plate Design

Molly Cones plans

molly cones fire

Molly Cones Logo Stamp

molly cones at work

molly cones copper letters

molly cones copper tags

Molly Cones Lether Hang Tag





All Things Beautiful + Me

I sat in the makeup chair…(this is WAY too much makeup I thought)…my next thought…I’m up next. The photographer was ready. Lights flash, I shift…smile there….smile over there…no smile here. Five minutes later, after over an hour of makeup and hair…I was done! It’s a wrap!molly jax mag

Our local Jacksonville Magazine ( features the beautiful women of the River City…and there I am!  Thank you Jax Mag and staff!! I am honored to be a part of the spread…(and all the makeup was worth it! Beautiful!)!

So…I started to conjure up all things beautiful…and I just couldn’t stop…beautiful animals, food, landscapes…eyeballs and dust! I created my own gallery of all things beautiful…let me share! Enjoy!

  1. 1.
    pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.


Beauty…is in the eye of the beholder…surprisingly, all things are beautiful, it’s all in the angle of the shot.